Value chain
collaboration platform
for food

Become transparent and make impact with your value chain partners. Save time energy, cost and reach your transparency goals in days, not months.

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Value Chain

From which country do we source our passionfruit?


Value Chain

Let’s see which claims we can build.

Supply Chain

Value Chain

Which ingredients do we use in this product?


Supercharge your sustainability plan with the right product insights


Map your value chain

Get a clear understanding of your value chain.

Quickly visualise what you know

Visually map your value chain on name, activity, location, company and ingredients and see what your level transparency is.

Gather data through the value chain

Collect data and centralise relevant certificates, documents and sustainability information.

Collaborate & innovate

Build your product sustainability plan

Know what to focus on and build a sustainability plan that suits your company.

Scan for opportunities

See what your next actions should be by looking for potential risks and ask the right questions to your suppliers.

Set goals and work together

Decide what sustainability metrics you want to focus on and log agreements.


Measure and share

Keep everyone on the same page and celebrate victories.

Measure your ESG impact

Measure the environmental, social and governance impact of your products.

Share results with stakeholders

See how the value chain of your products changes over time and share it with your stakeholders.

Jump on a 30 minute call with our Food product expert Maikel.
Here you will:
  1. Go through your current situation and get to know your challenges.
  2. How you can use Passionfruit.
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Product transparency session
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Session 2
Product Impact canvas session
"I have a rough idea of my products environmental and social impact, however i am missing a clear impact plan to action up on."
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