Get ready for CSRD with our  double materiality analysis.

A user-friendly and self-serve product to kickstart your CSRD journey and define your materiality topics.
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"Simple to use, finally spending time on implementing CSRD instead of thinking about the process"
Sustainability Lead, Food Brand
"This is the most straightforward tool I have seen so far, compiling all that's relevant from the many CSRD guideline documents."
Freelance ESG auditor
"My accountant and I are totally clueless about where to begin with CSRD. This tool makes us feel like we're actually on the right track."
Sustainability lead, Ingredient Supplier
How it works

Define your double materiality.

Organize your team, outline your business model, and identify impacts, risks, and opportunities. Passionfruit not only calculates materiality but also creates an audit trail recording your choices and reasons. It includes instructions and examples, giving you peace of mind that you're doing it right.

Project Set Up

Set up the project by organizing a team, assigning roles, identifying stakeholders, and describing your mission, vision, and business model.

Create Impact Longlist

Refine a broad list of ESRS topics into a focused first set that significantly impacts the company or the environment, in line with CSRD requirements

Define Impact Materiality Topics

Evaluate the impact of the company's operations on stakeholders and the environment, aligning systematically with CSRD requirements

Define Financial Materiality

Assess the financial and capital impact of environmental and social risks and opportunities on the company, in accordance with CSRD guidelines.

Create Final List Of Materiality Topics

Compile key findings from the CSRD assessment into a clear, actionable overview, focusing on the most significant topics identified during the process

Get your CSRD Double Materiality workspace

A user-friendly and self-serve product to kickstart your CSRD journey and define your materiality topics.
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