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With our workshops we can kickstart your team in just one day.

Our experts created a series of workshops that can guide your team through the first steps.

Product Transparency session

Get a starting point when it comes to your impact journey.
Problem we are solving

I want to know where, by whom and under which circumstances my products are made, however I don't know where to start.

Output & how it's done

Within 1 workshop (3-4 hours) we together create a first visual value chain, including what we know and don't know when it comes to environmental and social impact. You have a clear starting point for making a product impact plan.


Product Impact session

Define first impact initiatives to act up on.
Problem we are solving

I have a rough idea of my products environmental and social impact, however i am missing a clear impact plan to action up on.

Output & how it's done

Within 1 workshop (3-4 hours) we create an environmental and social product/brand impact plan using the product impact canvas.